Spring 2021 MOVE-IN:

New and First-Year Students: Saturday, January 16th.

Spring Orientation will be held on Sunday, January 17th with more details to be provided in the new year. For more information, please contact Dave Law at dlaw@regis.edu or 303-458-4089.

Returners and Upperclassmen: Sunday, Janury 17th.

Please be sure to schedule your COVID testing with Student Affairs for this date. Regis will enact a move-in plan that prioritizes the health and safety of all. To this end, students will not be permitted to have guests during move-in; social distancing, face coverings, and health screenings will be critical components in our arrival procedures.

All members of the Regis community are required to hold a Regis identification card. Please submit your name, ID #, and picture by Friday, January 8th to have your Regis ID Card printed in advance to reslife@regis.edu. Pictures must be clear, in color, forward facing, full headshots and submitted in jpg format (passport style photo).


Due to COVID-19 Regis University is not offering in-semester room changes. However, Regis will still offer an opportunity to students to submit a room change request in preparation for the Spring 2021 semester. In order to process a room change for the following semester, residential students are required to submit the following room change request form by Tuesday, November 10th.

Before you can submit a room change request you should first meet with your residence life staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Housing, Engagement, and Student Life office at 303.458.4925 or reslife@regis.edu.

Housing Refund Chart

The Housing Refund Chart provides information on refunds when withdrawing from an on-campus housing contract with approval from the Office of Housing, Engagement, and Student Life.

Housing Cancellation Request Form

Housing Contracts are binding for the entire academic year. Students wishing to request a cancellation of a housing contract and move off-campus are required to fill out a Housing Cancellation Request Form found under the Ranger Front Porch at www.regis.edu/housing and submit the form no less than two weeks before their expected move-out date.

First and second-year students that are looking to exempt from housing before signing a housing contract, should submit a housing exemption as a part of their Residence Halll Application on Ranger Front Porch.

Welcome to the Front Porch!

About this Portal: *Regis University has a two year residency requirement.

In this portal you are able to:

  1. Apply for housing or request an exemption this is required for first and second year students.
  2. Submit work orders
  3. Choose a meal plan
  4. Identify roommate(s)
  5. Update Emergency Contact Information
  6. Request a Special Accomodation for Housing

If you have questions at any point throughout this process, please contact Student Housing and Residential Engagement at (303) 458-4991 or email us at reslife@regis.edu.

The residential experience is considered an integral part of a student’s education and the Regis experience, offering important opportunities for engagement with your community.

Commuter Students:

If you are a communter student, the Front Porch will allow you to request a housing exemption and choose a meal plan, if desired.

Special Requests: (Medical Accommodations: injury, medical single requests, allergies, etc.)

We would like to make your stay at Regis as comfortable as we can. If you are in need of certain accommodations during yours stay, the Front Porch has a section that will allow you to make these special requests. We are here to help!

Special Request deadline for Academic Year 2020-2021 is June11, 2020 for New Freshman and Transfer students.

Sign up for a Microfridge (1st years ONLY)

Housing Engagement and Student Life is excited to offer MicroFridges through Regis University. These are the only units allowed in the residence halls for utility compliance, and fire safety. The benefit for you, is that this program allows you to avoid the hassle of traveling with appliances, and saves you from doing any heavy lifting during Move-In.

Students will have the option to rent a Micro-Fridge unit for the entire academic year. Students who have a roommate can split the cost with their roommate (roommate must also complete this form) making it less than $57 a semester that can be billed directly to your student account. No Fuss, No Hassle.

Please be advised that no outside refrigerators or microwaves are permitted in the Residence Halls. If students require the use of either they are encouraged to rent a unit.

Supply is limited be sure to submit your request prior to August 7th to ensure your unit is delivered to your room prior to move-in. For more information on MicroFridge or the perks of renting, click the link below.


Please select "Student Login" option on the above bar to get started. You will need your Regis Email and Password to login.

Reset your University Password

Please note that all information regarding the housing sign-up page will be communicated via your regis.edu email account.