Extended Stay/ Early Arrival Request Form

Need to stay later or arrive earlier in the Fall Be sure to fill out the Extended Stay/Earlier Arrival Form or your student account will be charged accordiingly. Avoid fines!

  • Hall Single - $45 per day
  • Hall Double - $40 per day
  • Boryla- $55 per day


There is a First 3 Week Housing Freeze for Fall 2022. Before you can submit a room change request you should first meet with your residence life staff and complete this form.

Replacement Key Request Form

All students will be charged a $25 key fee for new ID cards. Please submit the following form and the Housing, Engagement, and Student Life staff will email you when your card is ready for pick-up. If you have any questions about the status of your request, please email reslife@regis.edu

Micro Fridge

Students placed in O’Connell, Desmet, and West Halls will be provided a micro fridge especially designed for the college environment and one that meets Regis University Housing guidelines. The Micro Fridge Rental is $225 per year and the charge will be split among roommates and added to your Student Account.

If you are interested in opting out of the micro fridge, you will not be permitted to bring your own and can submit your request here.

Important Housing Dates:

  • Boryla Apartment Residents Move-In, 8/18/22- Thursday
  • IGVs & Themed Communites in RVs Move-In, 8/16/22- Tuesday
  • New Students Arrive On Campus, 8/18/22-Thursday
  • Returning Students Return to Campus, 8/20/2022 -Saturday
  • Classes Begin, 8/22/22- Monday
  • Labor Day (No Classes), 9/5/22- Monday
  • Add/Drop Ends ,8/29/22 -Monday
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit (No 11:00am classes) 9/15/22- Thursday
  • Fall Faculty Conference (No classes) 10/7/22- Friday
  • Mid-Semester Break (No classes) 10/10-10/11 Monday-Tuesday
  • Withdrawal Ends 11/6/22 -Sunday
  • Thanksgiving Holiday 11/23-11/27. Wednesday-Sunday
  • Final Exams 12/05-12/09, Monday-Friday
  • Residence Halls Close for Winter Break , 12/9/2022 at 8pm- Friday
  • Term Ends 12/12/22- Sunday*

*Residence halls and food service will remain open during fall break.

Housing Refund Chart

The Housing Refund Chart provides information on refunds when withdrawing from an on-campus housing contract with approval from the Office of Housing and Residential Engagement.

Housing Cancellation Request Form

Housing Contracts are binding for the entire academic year. Students wishing to request a cancellation of a housing contract and move off-campus are required to fill out a Housing Cancellation Request Form found under the Ranger Front Porch at www.regis.edu/housing and submit the form no less than two weeks before their expected move-out date.

First and second-year students that are looking to exempt from housing before signing a housing contract, should submit a housing exemption as a part of their Residence Halll Application on Ranger Front Porch.

Commuter Students:

If you are a commuter student, the Front Porch will allow you to request a housing exemption and choose a meal plan, if desired.

Contact Student Affairs for more information on Commuter Services at studentaffairs@regis.edu.

Ranger Front Porch!

Regis University's Online Housing Portal.

About this Portal: In this portal you are able to:

  1. Apply for Housing!
  2. Request an exemption (this is required for first and second year students)
  3. Identify roommate(s)
  4. Choose a 2022 Meal Plan by clicking HERE
  5. Submit Maintence Work Orders
  6. Request a Special Accomodation for Housing
  7. Submit a Room Change Request Form
  8. Submit a Key Replacement Request
  9. Submit a Housing Cancellation
  10. Update Emergency Contact Information
Graduate Housing!

Graduate Housing & Applications are now open! If you are interested in graduate housing, please email: reslife@regis.edu. We have spaces open to you now! Apply Today!

The residential experience is considered an integral part of a student’s education and the Regis experience, offering important opportunities for engagement with your community. Students are required to live on campus for the first two years or four consecutive semesters.

Housing Exemption Requirements

21 years of age prior to the start of the Fall 2022 semester.

Live with a parent/or legal guardian within a 20-mile radius, student’s address will be verified. *

Married or have children.

Housing Options

Living on campus is a growing experience for many college students. Please review your on-campus housing options here.

First-Year Student Housing is in DeSmet and O'Connell Halls!


All charges are per semester unless otherwise noted.

Interested in Parking? Contact: ruparking@regis.edu Auxiliary Services.

Special Requests: (Medical Accommodations: ESA, Service Animals, injury, medical single requests, allergies, etc.) requests due by June 1st! to Student Disability Services (SDS)

We would like to make your stay at Regis as comfortable as we can. If you are in need of certain accommodations during yours stay, the Front Porch has a section that will allow you to make these special requests. We are here to help!

Accommodation Request Process:

  1. Complete your housing application noting your interest in an accommodation by June 1.

  2. Housing will notify Student Disability Services and SDS will reach out to request additional information within 72 business hours. Please note decisions will not be made until you submit the necessary medical and housing documentation.

  3. The Special Housing Committee meets once a month to review housing accommodation requests. SDS will notify you and housing within one week of meeting for the status of your request.

  4. Complete any additional housing paperwork if applicable

  5. Bring animal to campus once approved by HESL if applicable

Please note that the accommodation request process takes about one month to complete.

appeals can be processed with the Student Disability Services Office

If you have additional questions, please be sure to reach out to Student Disability Services. Contact: disability@regis.edu or 303.458.4941

Are you looking for the area to upload your student ID photo?

First you will log in, then click on the menu option Residence Hall Application. From there, continue your Academic Year application. Go to personal details and you will see the area to upload your photo.

Please remember the photo should be a clear photo of your face with nothing obstructing the photo.

Are you looking for the Housing Exemption Request?

First you will log in. Then you will click the residence hall application & request exemption menu option. On this page you will either select Apply or Continue on the Academic 2022-2023 option. At the bottom of the first page (The personal details section) of the application is where you will apply for an exemption.

Housing Exemptions Request Process is Closed

2022- 2023 Housing Selection Information:

Incoming New First Year & Transfer Students Housing Information:

Phase 1 **Opens February 28, 2022 * **1. Apply for housing or request an exemption by June 15. * 2. Request a Special Accommodation (Due June 1, 2022)

Phase 2 **Opens May 1, 2022 - May 27, 2022 *** 1. Select a Roommate * 2. Sign Contract * 3. Select Roommate(s)

Phase 3 Log back in and choose your preferred room. * 2. If you have a confirmed/verified roommate(s) you will need to select assigned spaces for each of you. * 3. Confirm room assignment

Continuing Student Housing Selection Information for 2022- 2023!

  • Housing Application is Live! February 8th @ 12pm
  • Housing Open House for West, RVs, Boryla & IGV : February 23rd & March 9th @ 7:30pm
  • Roommate Selection: March 23rd- March 25th- NEW
  • Room Lottery & Selections: March 23rd-March 28h- NEW
  • Room Confirmation Go Out: March 29th- NEW-
  • Housing Selection Closes for Continuing Students- March 29th - NEW
what TO bring
What NOT to bring


Please reach out to the Housing and Residential Engagement, and a member of the HRE team would be happy to help you!

Contact Us: 303.458.4991 or reslife@regis.edu