Housing Resources & Visitor Request

Checking in Visitors

Welcome to the Visitor Portal! You are responsible to register any guest who does not live in your building prior to arriving at the front desk of your hall. This includes Regis students who do not live in your building. You are responsible for your guests’ actions and must accompany them at all times while in the building. For more information on our visitor policy, please visit the Regis University Student Handbook.

Roommate Agreement

Roommate(s) & Apartment mate(s):Living with a Roommate or Apartment mate (roommate) is an important part of a student’s college experience. For this reason, the University requires all first-year roommates to participate in an initial meeting with their roommate and complete a living agreement. This agreement is intended to direct an honest discussion about the roommate’s lifestyles and preferences, where each of the roommates can discuss what they need to be successful.